FIL 2013

Feminism in London 2013 took place on 26th October 2013 at the Institute of Education. See below for the press coverage on the conference, as well as the sessions that took place.


The Telegraph: “Felt vaginas, confidence boosters and lots of affirmation"
Women's Grid: “Feminism in London 2013, write ups and report backs"


Caroline Lucas - Sexism in the Media
Natalya Dell - Disability & Bi Visibility in Feminism
Shabina Begum - Acid Violence


Panel - Incarcerated Women
A panel discussion on women in prison, with Jenny Earle of the Prison Reform Trust, Sarah Campbell of BID, Rachel Helford of Women in Prison and Bridget Rukwira.

No Choice At All
Raven Kaliana presents a screening of her film Hooray for Hollywood.

Working Towards Non-Hierarchical Relationship Models
What would relationship structures look like in a feminist utopia? Presented by Dr Christine Campbell.

Feminist Opposition to Militarised Male Violence
This workshop explores why militarism is a feminist issue and what we can do about it.  With Rebecca Johnson.

Challenging Linked Systems of Power: Towards a Whole-istic Feminism  
This session aims to transcend rifts between radical, liberal, socialist and other 'kinds' of feminism. With Brigitte Lechner and Cynthia Cockburn.

Secularism and Feminism within BME Communities
Gita Sahgal of the Centre for Secular Space and Lola Tinubu of African Atheists UK discuss the shared challenges and experiences of BME women engaged in secular feminism. 

MRA Workshop (Pro-Feminist Men's workshop - all welcome)  
This workshop looks at some typical MRA arguments and through group discussion seeks to arrive at effective responses to them.  Presented by David Brooks of the Men's Feminist Book Group and Christopher Flux of Men against Violence.

Children's Morning Workshop: Girls in Stories
Creative storytelling for younger attendees, presented by Jean Norman.  Age 7 - 11 recommended.  Girls and boys welcome.

Teenage Morning Workshop:  What’s so good about being a woman?
Ages 11 - 18 recommended, girls only.



Panel - Women & the Media, A Post-Leveson World
What can we expect from the media in a post-Leveson world? With Object, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Ruth Barnes and Roweena Russell.

Sexual Violence And Trafficking: An International Perspective
Raggi Kotak, founder of the Anti-Trafficking Legal Project and Liberty Human Rights Award nominee, will co-ordinate a workshop on international VAW with Dr. Aisha Gill, Associate Professor in Criminology at the University of Roehampton. 

While awareness of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) as a human rights abuse increases, labiaplasty in the west gains popularity amongst those who seek the “perfect” genitalia. Meet Nimco Ali of Daughters of Eve, BBC reporter Najlaa Abou Mehri and consultant gynaecologist Michelle Fynes.

Kick-Ass Activism  
A How to of Campaigning... by Team No More Page 3!

Ageism and Experiences of Ageism  
Presented by Marj of the Older Feminist Network and Vito from the Older Lesbian Network.

Taking Space, Talking Loud (women only)  
Join Rebecca of the Scary Little Girls theatre company for a workshop exploring what it means to take up space as a woman.  

Workshop on Healthy Relationships (Pro-Feminist Men's workshop - all welcome)
Working With Men (WWM) will introduce participants to our work which aims to prevent violence and gender inequality amongst young people.

Children's Afternoon Workshop: T-shirt making
A hands-on workshop recommended for girls and boys aged 7 - 11, presented by Susy Langsdale.  

Teenage Afternoon Workshop: Empowerment!
EMPOWER is part of the Safer London Foundation.  We’ll be debating, celebrating and expressing ourselves, making banners and placards with positive images, words and slogans. For young women aged 11-18. With Lucy, Laura, Aisha and Bex.


Gita Sahgal - Campaigning Feminism for the 21st Century: Saints, Sinners & Secular Space
Emma Humphreys Memorial Prizegiving
Finn Mackay - closing speech


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