FIL 2014

Feminism in London took place on 25th October 2014 at the Institute of Education. See below for the press coverage on the conference, as well as the sessions that took place.

Press Coverage

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Morning panel keynote speakers

Annette Lawson - Feminism in Context
What does Feminism mean to me? Feminism is a four-letter eight-letter word. Why is feminism important?
Annette discussed the role of feminism in making positive change for women and girls.

Gail Dines - From personal empowerment to collective liberation
The core principle of feminism, the personal is political, has over the last couple of decades been eroded by a focus on the notion that feminism is all about making choices to maximize personal empowerment. Gail’s talk set out a manifesto for how we can move away from the personal empowerment feminism to a more radical movement that is about political collective liberation that is unapologetic, powerful and joyful!

Morning Programme

Sisterhood Around The Globe
Betty Makoni of Girl Child Network, Marilyn Thomson of the Central America Women's Network and Alma Carballo.

Mothers and lovers: How societal expectations influence women's risk for mental health
With examples from Maternity Action

Crafting Politics
Sarah Corbett, founder of the Craftivist Collective, Lauren O'Farrell of Whodunnknit and Knit The City, Catherine West of Significant Seams and Laura Price from Royal Holloway.

Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths
Ellie Cosgrave of ScienceGrrl, Clare Thomson of the Institute of Physics, Shelley Galvin of the WISE Campaign and Brenna Hassett of TrowelBlazers.

How Eurocentric beauty standards affect women Femi Otitoju and Becky Olaniyi.

Intersecting Oppressions In The Sex Industry
Ifeoma Eze of Femage World, Pierrette Pape, Dorcas Erskine of Poppy Project, Rachel Moran and Tanja Rahm.

Feminist Archives and Activism: Knowing Our Past - Creating Our Future
Yasmin Ahmed of the Feminist Library , Frankie Green, the Women’s Liberation Music Archive, Jalna Hanmer, Feminist Archive North,  Zaimal Azad, Nottingham Women’s Centre, Sue John, Glasgow Women’s Library, and Liz Kelly and Joan Scanlon from the radical feminist journal Trouble & Strife.

Grounding Feminist Activity in our Everyday Life
Facilitated by Gail Chester

Pro-Feminist Men's workshop - White Ribbon Campaign

Children's Morning Workshop – The History of Universal Suffrage
Jean Norman. 

"Still I Rise: Black Women, Feminism, and the Art of Poetry and Performance", a workshop by Siana Bangura.

Afternoon Programme

Women's rights, gender equality and feminism from an EU perspective
Co-hosted by the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE), and the European Women’s Lobby (EWL).
With Anne Laure Humbert of EIGE, Pierrette Pape of the European Women's Lobby, Laura de Bonfils, Magali Gay-Berthomieu.

Suffrage, cycling and sewing: a story telling and making workshop about Victorian women's cycle wear
Kat Jungnickel on her ‘Bikes & Bloomers’ research project.

Activism - with the 50:50 Parliament Campaign 

Man Up and Man Down : Combating Sexist Language
With Cat Crossley and Catherine Sangster. 

"You'll Change Your Mind, Dear": Choices and Parenting
Featuring Kate Fox on being child free by choice, Kerry Abel of Abortion Rights on reproductive rights, and Mars Lord, VP of Doula UK on women's birth choices.  

Intersections: Queer Women of the Diaspora (voices and visibility)
With Rose Neelam of Safra Project and Phyllis Opoku-Gyimah of Black Pride UK.  

Fighting Against Patriarchy in Turkey - with the Istanbul Feminist Kolectiv 

Pro-Feminist Men's workshop - Feminism and men: working together for gender equality?
With Sandy Ruxton and Nikki van der Gaag, author of Feminism and Men.

Children's Afternoon Workshop - Junior Self Defence

Teenage Afternoon Workshop with Funny Women - Stand Up to Stand Out
Facilitated by Lucy Frederick.

Afternoon panel keynote speakers 

Emma Humphreys Memorial Prizegiving

Finn Mackay - closing speech