Followed by online Q+A with the director Shazia Javed
Hosted by Sabbiyah Pervez, Community Reporter from Bradford

Friday 18 October 2019 from 6pm
The Bradford Hotel

For those of you who are arriving on the Friday evening, there is a showing of the film 3 Seconds Divorce.

A sharia tradition allows Muslim men to divorce their wives by simply saying the word 'divorce' three times in one go. Commonly called triple-talaq or triple-divorce, this instant, oral divorce can only be given by men. In India, Muslim women have been fighting an arduous battle to get this practice legally abolished. This is their story


Divorce. Lubna’s husband said this one word, three times and threw her out the house along with their infant son. As per the prevailing sharia practice of triple or oral Divorce, this divorce was legal and final, endorsed not only by faith leaders but also accepted by India’s civil courts. In order to return to her husband, Lubna was asked to undergo halala. Halala is a tradition that requires the divorced woman to marry another man, let him ‘consummate the marriage’ and then he has to divorce her before she can remarry her original husband. 3 Seconds Divorce tells Lubna’s story as she reels under the effects of triple-divorce and finds her way into Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan, an Indian muslim women’s group advocating for a legal ban on this type of divorce. However, Muslim faith leaders in power are adamant and accuse the muslim women of pandering to the agenda of the Hindu right wing. Under resourced and outnumbered, the women continue the struggle against all odds and celebrate small victories. Shot over three years, the documentary provides an intimate account of Lubna’s struggles and also gives us behind- the -scenes access to the movement that led to a ban on instant, oral, divorce in India.