Judith Rifeser

I am a PhD Student, Vice-Chancellor Scholarship Award Holder and AHRC TECHNE Associate undertaking a practice-based research project in the Department of Media, Culture and Language at the University of Roehampton. I am also a qualified MFL teacher with a particular interest in the use of audio-visual resources in teaching and learning. My first short  "A Letter Of Love To You" which forms part of my wider PhD project and is a zero budget production, was recently selected for the London Feminist Film Festival 2016.

My point of departure is the more recent work of the interdisciplinary thinker Luce Irigaray whose shift beyond a focus merely on the visual towards a perception that ‘seeing amounts to being touched’ (Irigaray, 2004) opens up space in which to explore the role of dimensions of film beyond the visual in relation to feminine subjectivity. In my PhD project I study the work of selected women filmmakers from around the world to explore Irigaray's ideas in relation to the notion of touch and feminine subjectivity. My focus is on writing and experiencing with these cinematic texts, thus bridging the gap between writing and practice. In my practice I make use of experimental and found footage to think with and through these cinematic texts.

You can find me on https://roehampton-online.academia.edu/JudithRifeser

or follow me on Twitter: @rifjudy