Caroline Halliday MFA

Social and political implications cannot be detached from objects. I am interested in how I can re-arrange the ‘thing’, so its symbolic connotations emerge or are contradicted.   My work combines sculpture, paint and installation, and can be both formal and visceral, anarchic and structured, irreverent and challenging. I use found or recycled materials, taking them to pieces, cutting or repositioning them - -sponges, chairs, drawers, earth, ironing boards, books, language, fairy tales, and filmic images/text. Questioning their patriarchal, gendered, ecological, or heteronormative aspects, I use a feminist gaze, to re-frame them.  I have been active in creating and supporting opportunities for feminist art in London over the past 16 years, through discussion groups, interactive events, large group exhibitions, art, in collaboration with friends/artists and as founder member of FANS  OF FEMINISM.

'City of'  is primarily about the Unseen Maintenance ignored/hidden/essential in capitalism, in service and all industries, art, and domestic situations, which is unremarked and discounted, done by poorly paid people, most of them women. The people who do these jobs [who may be immigrants or trafficked] are vulnerable to bad working practices, unsocial hours, zero hours contracts, and unappreciated.  'City of...'  connects [and with thanks] to the work of Mierle Laderman Ukeles with Sanitation (refuse etc)  workers, in New York since 1977. She has a solo show in New York right now.