Kate Aries

My work consists of performance, moving image and photography. I begin with an initial, personal attraction to an object or place and then this immediate response becomes more complex as I build on it through research and conversations. Uncertainty underpins my experimentation, often using these objects and different techniques to obscure or restrict the body. This creates an oscillation between a position of sexuality and one of vulnerability. I tend to view my work as documentation of a performance, portraying the ‘lived body’, by capturing movement and emotion.

I use the female body in response to my transition into a young woman, questioning my identity in the contemporary world as a woman physically, sexually, virtually and digitally. I have grown to realise how ingrained everyday sexism is in our society, feminism and female solidarity have become a substantial kernel in my practice, as well as adverse effects of isolation and helplessness.

A great deal of the way that body is thrown back to us in the current mediatised world is through digital mediation. My practice focuses not only on the body as an embodied experience, but also the manipulated and processed image and the mutability of identities in an increasingly mediatized society. Devices and digital technologies provide new ways of seeing, as well as being seen, changing the way we relate to the image and, ultimately, each other.  I am concerned with exploring this new materiality in this media and the experience of the viewer haptically, a phenomenological notion of ‘embodied spectatorship’, using a hand-eye element to feel the sensation of touch solely through the act of seeing. I intend to raise questions about the way we view women in a digital landscape and use technology to create the illusion of substance within the virtual world.