Sheree Naqvi

Sheree Naqvi examines the complexity of gender through exploring the notion of female identity within the Eastern contemporary society. She explores dichotomies; male/female, public/private, active/passive - prescribed gender roles within a male dominated culture. Living between two opposite cultures, East and West, Naqvi questions her female identity – questions her own presence through performance, photography, sound and installation.

Her personal experiences are manipulated to build visual languages confronting cultural personas and private desires. She comments upon female representation through exploring the concept of female space and domestic responsibilities. The work challenges, exploring inconsistent realities and the hypocrisy that lies within the male environment. Her work reveals female desires and isolation of both, searching for liberation and a secure place. Black and white maintains the ambiguity of being consumed by her personal conflict - female vulnerability is questioned. Her self-portraits confront the society in which female fundamental rights are lost under a masculine society.

'I want my work to be a hope for women and a powerful voice that will never be silent'