Susan Merrick

Susan Merrick is an Artist, Sign Language Interpreter and Feminist with a background in Interpreting and Sociology. Currently studying toward an MA in FINE ART at UCA Farnham she is a practicing Artist working with film, photography, performance and installation. Influenced heavily by her background Susan is interested in language and power, specifically with a feminist perspective. Using methods of visual communication and performance Susan explores social issues and language, including language and epistemology gaps and power held in language and especially by the translator (Interpreters and archivists for example). Susan recently took part in the Motherhouse London residency and used this time to explore representation of experience as mother in the durational piece Shoe polish, spit and glass.

During 2016 Susan also worked with two other successful residencies 'Building a Better World' led by activist and Artist Stefan Szczelkun which resulted in an exhibition and publication called RISE: With your class not from it. Also 'In Our minds' a project with The NationalArchives and UCA Archives reactivating archives on mental health. Susan focused on prison reports of suffragettes in Holloway and the written descriptions of their ''behaviour ' by prison officers who were forcefeeding them. The work Susan produced in response to these pieces is currently on show alongside the other 4 Artists responses at UCA Farnham and will be exhibited at the National Archives in Kew in early 2017. From January Susan will also be joining FiLiA as Artist in Residence for 2017, working to engage with community groups of women with Arts well as producing get her own work in response to FiLiA'sfocus and the women she meets in the process.

Susan is from Hull in East Yorkshire and now lives in Aldershot, Hampshire with her husband and two young children.