Mandy Webb

I am a mixed media Artist/Social Commentator.

I have created two collections of work surrounding issues relating to: 1. my HIV Positive status, and 2. Gender/Social Issues.

I work with a variety of mediums, whichever relates best to the pieces being created for each collection. I have used out of date condoms and red ribbons and hand-made HIV medication that all symbolise my journey as an HIV Positive female, and have also created a ‘Luxury Collection’ inspired by the ‘Luxury Tax’ on feminine health products utilising Panty Pads/Liners in huge numbers in a very decorative and sculptural fashion.

Some of my pieces heavily rely on the research of people from the past and people from the present, these names are a constant reminder of lives that may not have been duly recognised for their artistic talent, or the inhumane treatment they experienced while alive but they all deserve recognition.

As a social commentator and as an artist, I have always believed it essential to create from the heart to raise awareness through the quality and content of each of the pieces that are made, thoroughly researching and attempting to create eye catching and thought provoking work to back up that evidence.