Rose Davies

Graduating from Art College at the end of the 70’s, I survived punk, post-modernism and the rise of Thatcherism with my belief in traditional art values and particularly drawing, intact. Graduating in printmaking, I continued to draw after leaving college, but like many other struggling young artists at that time I developed a secondary career, spending many years working with drug / alcohol dependent people, the homeless and those with criminal behaviour, in Wales and England.

At the turn of the century, I started to move back into the arts, becoming an artist/member of Swansea Print Workshop, and collaborating with several artist collectives. I now work full time on developing my arts practice and building a body of work from my studio in the city centre and instigating democratic public access art events and projects.

I have exhibited my work in Wales, England, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Pakistan and done artist residencies in Idaho, USA and Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I am an active blogger, publishing an artblog every day on and am also on Facebook as Rosie Scribblah: Printmaker and Scribbler; on Twitter as @RosieScribblah and on YouTube as Rosie Scribblah.