Charlotte Barnes

Charlotte Barnes is a London Commercial and Editorial Photographer who is commissioned by businesses, publications and organisations to tell stories, illustrate the strength of their brand and to demonstrate the personality of their workforce with stunning images and outstanding visual communication tools.

Specialising in contemporary portraits, editorial, advertising and PR images, clients regularly praise Charlotte's ability to bring out the very best in people by putting them at ease in front of the camera. Based out of her studio in West London, Charlotte also loves to shoot on location, bringing studio lighting into the field to realise the colourful style for which she is known.

Much of her personal and fine art work has been made with musicians, performing artists and athletes. In her spare time, Charlotte donates her photography services through the Media Trust, shooting for good causes throughout the UK.

Diane Goldie

Diane has turned her hand to most crafts and arts over her 50 years on the planet, delighting in crocheting odd animal/human mix ups and splendid performance artists.

She trained as a Fine Artist and painter, with a keen eye for colour and spent her early years as a scenic artist, copying Old Masters as part of her daily job.

She delights in the quirky, and oddball, finding joy in sewing fetuses from flesh coloured velvet and cotton jersey, or painting and embroidering graffiti. 

Bern O'Donoghue

I am a visual artist based in Brighton who has worked across many creative disciplines in my exploration of widening participation. Collaboration and education form a large part in my work and I work with organisations who employ artists. My own practice has strong visual and experimental elements and for the last six years through projects such as DearDaveandNick, Dead Reckoning and Refugees Crossing, I've been particularly interested in galvanising public involvement in projects encouraging the exploration of language and holding public figures accountable.

Amani AlThuwaini

Born 1989 in Kharkiv, Ukraine
Currently lives in London


Goldsmiths University of London, London, UK.
MFA Fine Art Candidate

The Academy of Art, Architecture and Design, Prague, Czech Republic.
Erasmus exchange program (3 months)
2007- 2013                  
Kuwait University, College of Architecture,
BA Architecture
BA Graduation project: 2013 Labor compound
Won top graduation project by Kuwait Engineering society and was exhibited both in Kuwait Engineering society and in KASA (Kuwait Architecture Student Association) annual exhibitions.

Elizabeth Gordon

I existed in an environment of torture in my home and other places during my childhood. There was no refuge, no safe space. I didn’t experience feeling safe as a child.

Refuge came many years after I escaped, through art and activism and through torture informed human rights based feminist support and friendships.

I’ve made many, many drawings, prints and paper installations that tell my story.

I see refuge situated in many relational contexts including in our human rights as persons that are stated in the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in ending patriarchy and misogyny.

Non-State torture is torture that is perpetrated in the private realm. Jeanne Sarson and Linda MacDonald of Persons Against Non-State Torture in Canada have lots of information on their website.

My websites are: and

Susan Merrick

Susan Merrick is an Artist, Sign Language Interpreter and Feminist with a background in Interpreting and Sociology. Currently studying toward an MA in FINE ART at UCA Farnham she is a practicing Artist working with film, photography, performance and installation. Influenced heavily by her background Susan is interested in language and power, specifically with a feminist perspective. Using methods of visual communication and performance Susan explores social issues and language, including language and epistemology gaps and power held in language and especially by the translator (Interpreters and archivists for example). Susan recently took part in the Motherhouse London residency and used this time to explore representation of experience as mother in the durational piece Shoe polish, spit and glass.

During 2016 Susan also worked with two other successful residencies 'Building a Better World' led by activist and Artist Stefan Szczelkun which resulted in an exhibition and publication called RISE: With your class not from it. Also 'In Our minds' a project with The NationalArchives and UCA Archives reactivating archives on mental health. Susan focused on prison reports of suffragettes in Holloway and the written descriptions of their ''behaviour ' by prison officers who were forcefeeding them. The work Susan produced in response to these pieces is currently on show alongside the other 4 Artists responses at UCA Farnham and will be exhibited at the National Archives in Kew in early 2017. From January Susan will also be joining FiLiA as Artist in Residence for 2017, working to engage with community groups of women with Arts well as producing get her own work in response to FiLiA'sfocus and the women she meets in the process.

Susan is from Hull in East Yorkshire and now lives in Aldershot, Hampshire with her husband and two young children.

Caroline Halliday MFA

Social and political implications cannot be detached from objects. I am interested in how I can re-arrange the ‘thing’, so its symbolic connotations emerge or are contradicted.   My work combines sculpture, paint and installation, and can be both formal and visceral, anarchic and structured, irreverent and challenging. I use found or recycled materials, taking them to pieces, cutting or repositioning them - -sponges, chairs, drawers, earth, ironing boards, books, language, fairy tales, and filmic images/text. Questioning their patriarchal, gendered, ecological, or heteronormative aspects, I use a feminist gaze, to re-frame them.  I have been active in creating and supporting opportunities for feminist art in London over the past 16 years, through discussion groups, interactive events, large group exhibitions, art, in collaboration with friends/artists and as founder member of FANS  OF FEMINISM.

'City of'  is primarily about the Unseen Maintenance ignored/hidden/essential in capitalism, in service and all industries, art, and domestic situations, which is unremarked and discounted, done by poorly paid people, most of them women. The people who do these jobs [who may be immigrants or trafficked] are vulnerable to bad working practices, unsocial hours, zero hours contracts, and unappreciated.  'City of...'  connects [and with thanks] to the work of Mierle Laderman Ukeles with Sanitation (refuse etc)  workers, in New York since 1977. She has a solo show in New York right now. 

Judith Rifeser

I am a PhD Student, Vice-Chancellor Scholarship Award Holder and AHRC TECHNE Associate undertaking a practice-based research project in the Department of Media, Culture and Language at the University of Roehampton. I am also a qualified MFL teacher with a particular interest in the use of audio-visual resources in teaching and learning. My first short  "A Letter Of Love To You" which forms part of my wider PhD project and is a zero budget production, was recently selected for the London Feminist Film Festival 2016.

My point of departure is the more recent work of the interdisciplinary thinker Luce Irigaray whose shift beyond a focus merely on the visual towards a perception that ‘seeing amounts to being touched’ (Irigaray, 2004) opens up space in which to explore the role of dimensions of film beyond the visual in relation to feminine subjectivity. In my PhD project I study the work of selected women filmmakers from around the world to explore Irigaray's ideas in relation to the notion of touch and feminine subjectivity. My focus is on writing and experiencing with these cinematic texts, thus bridging the gap between writing and practice. In my practice I make use of experimental and found footage to think with and through these cinematic texts.

You can find me on

or follow me on Twitter: @rifjudy 

Monika K Adler

Monika K. Adler is a Polish artist and film director based in London, The United Kingdom.

Her works have been shown in exhibitions, video art and film festivals internationally.

Monika K. Adler’s film and photography work has been both critically acclaimed and generated a significant following drawn from audiences worldwide and have been published in numerous magazines and publications.

She is currently working on her debut feature film SICK BACCHUS, 2017.

Her work for FiLiArt:Refuge, "Anxiety and Neurosis", is an intimate portrait of a woman, prey to the psychological archetypes that are imposed on and which shape herrole in society. In these works nascent sexuality becomes a powerful weapon to reclaim self from the existing order of things.

Alexandra Florschutz

“My art is all about Liberating the Feminine. My paintings capture the symbolic essence, the energy, the sensual juiciness of the vulva; they are evocative rather than literal. Each painting is an individual representation of an energetic process to celebrate and empower the Feminine.

The female reproductive system and genitalia are the most impressive parts of being a woman and yet they have been the most shamed, abused and violated. Women have become sexualised objects, where external features define a woman as ‘good enough’ for the male gaze and any natural bodily functions are suppressed or extensively sanitised. The vulva/vagina, in particular, is still seen as shameful, dirty or ‘looks wrong’ and the expectation is that only a man can ignite its pleasure. I am here to bust that myth. I believe that as women cultivate a positive relationship with their divine source, they discover the power of their intuitive compass as a way to navigate life.”

Alex Florschutz MA, (HPC Reg.) is a professional artist living and working in the South of England. She is renowned for her beautiful evocative paintings, her use of tactile media and her infamous Pink Tent Installation which travels the country inspiring people about the new Feminine. She explores the fundamental aspects of being a Woman: feminine sexuality, cycles, empowered birth, and our intuitive, creative expression. Inspiring women to heal mind, body and spirit from the patriarchal legacy through acquired knowledge, self respect and celebrating our dreams and desires with pleasure! Alex is a registered Art Psychotherapist with a wide range of experience working with adults and children. She enjoys supporting clients find their inner wisdom through creative expression and move through any life issue towards greater clarity.