Marga Beuth

About my art work

Marga Beuth says: My art is about taking the most feminine body part and using it to represent The Feminine or feminine energy. It is about the essence of The Feminine, the pure power.Just like the heart symbol reinforces the sentiments of the heart, female symbols are a way of appreciating female qualities and setting up a resonance with The Feminine. Marga uses simplified versions of the vulva to inspire the Sepalia Symbols.


Marga Beuth is a visual artist and speaker on The Feminine and women’s issues.  Sometimes she describes herself as an artistic anthropologist because her work on female symbols is based on the kind of dispassionate observations and questions anthropologists might pursue. For example:

“ What does The Feminine mean to you?”
“Where is the feminine in you?”

Alongside her art she offers observations and statements about the human condition and specifically about feminine energy and it’s place in the world.

She has been working as an artist since 2006 and is based in Brighton, UK.