Vanessa-Lee Hamlett

The garments on show  are from my final project at UAL – Chelsea.  I graduated this year with a BA honors in Textile Design, specializing in print/CAD. 

The collection was inspired by my dissertation:  Punk D.I.Y: Here are the Girls’ showcasing female resistance expressed through subculture.

The ‘Punk’ movement stands out as a subculture where females played an active and prominent role.  Resistant to gender bias, which was expressed both visually and vocally.

I compare the narrative between the social fabric and the fabric we wear to express ourselves.  Adopting the aesthetics of the ‘Punk’ D.I.Y, by using trash (a term often used to address people that don’t fit into social ‘norms’) to create prints.

I also applied the punk attitude by introducing politically suggestive text that confronts gender roles, exposing them as ‘Toxic’.  My hope is that my collection instigates thought and acts as a source of inspiration and encouragement to its’ wearer, to be part of a movement that strives to recreate gender.