Paulette McKoy

During the late 90’s, I enrolled on a BTEC Arts Foundation where throughout the course, the Fine Art Lecturer at the college became increasingly impressed in my use of colour and my delicate brush strokes and tried to encourage me to continue my studies in Fine Art, however I was determined to pursue a career in the fashion industry and went on to study at University.

I returned to the arts in 2001 and truly appreciate reconnecting with my love and passion for painting, which has led me on to producing works which has been showcased in solo and many group exhibitions in galleries in and around London over the past 10 years.  My work has been featured at the Royal Academy of Dance, celebrating the Faculty of Education’s 10th anniversary and I continue to exhibit my work and am regularly commissioned throughout the UK.

The focus of my practice is to create art that is inspiring and intriguing, that awakens the creativity and beauty inside of us all.  I want to create art work that makes the viewer stop, even if it’s just for a moment to have an emotional experience that will be relived every time they view my art.

The work In this exhibition is part of a collection inspired by a combination of sources, one of them being music.  The sound and rhythm of the genres of music provides an element of stimulation whilst I create art.  Music inspires me to express myself with freedom and energy; it manifest itself into exciting forms on the canvas as symbolisms of rhythm and movement through the use of vibrant colours.

My primary choice is to work with oil paint on large-size canvasesThe scale of the canvas gives me the freedom to express myself.  The use of raw materials and the paint leads me to explore more exciting approaches to my art.  I also like to work on two pieces of art concurrently.  This allows me to transport strong elements and techniques from one piece to the next, creating a conversation within the series of works.

Painting for me is the most verbal medium I have of expressing myself beyond the boundaries of language.  The work and their titles represent my interpretations of a moment that to each, I hope, becomes relatable or intimate to the viewer.

The piece of work I have selected for the Exhibition has been chosen because of the abstract representation of femininity and spirituality linked to the works.

The painting is a celebration of womanhood, curved lines dominates the canvas, symbolism of strength and power which is strongly linked to the event and is a reminder of our accomplishments in society.  My aim is to engage with the audience through the use of vibrant color and light and to inspire and uplift the spirit of the viewer to bring positive and calming energies.