Caroline Halliday

“You cannot detach social and political implications from an object.

Women and Nature (The Roaring Inside Her) by Susan Griffin(1978) has been called “perhaps the most extraordinary nonfiction work to have merged from the matrix of contemporary female consciousness—a fusion of patriarchal science, ecology, female history and feminism, written by a poet who has created a new form for her vision" (Adrienne Rich).

Susan Griffin shows how the system for domesticating/training animals have direct parallels in the 'socialising' of women.  Halter, Bridle and Bit deconstructs the bra, to present this idea.

As an artist I continue to explore how objects can be deconstructed so their symbolic connotations emerge or are contradicted.  I take things to pieces or cut them with a jigsaw -chairs, drawers, earth, ironing boards, books, language, fairy tales, and filmic images/text- and question their many facets - patriarchal, gendered or heteronormative - using a feminist gaze, to re-frame them."