Erica Bohr

“This current body of work, The Abject Psychosphere, 2014, comprises a collection of digital drawings, which seek to interrogate violence and abuse against women and children. 

The female hyena acts as the key cipher across different modes of operation as the locus of radical lesbian feminist identity and serves as a metaphor for hybridity, alchemy and flux.

The hyena also performs a shamanic function, serving as a conduit for the unconscious and the artist’s polyglot South African origins.”

Erica Böhr's multi-media, inter-disciplinary fine art practice is concerned primarily with identity politics.  Her practice critiques the social construction of gender and how gender is performed in a patriarchal matrix, where women are born into the insubordinate sex class.  Her practice is unapologetically political and encompasses text, performance, drawing, video and installation. She graduated in 2011 from Cambridge School of Art and currently lives and works in Berlin.