Gemma Nelson

“Highly obsessive and organic in construction, my paintings weave like cells, creating delicate chaotic tapestries in response to various themes such as female sexuality, fairytales and notions of webbing and nets.

In other works patterning and totemic tattoos are very strong influences.

Using Indian inks and mixed media on canvas, her paintings are high pitched in colour, creating illusionary spaces, surfaces and worlds that are both resonant and abstract.  

My paintings are objects of condensed time, also suggesting disruption, mutation and beauty.”

Gemma Nelson was born 1984, in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. She moved to London in 2003 where she attended the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London and graduated in 2007.

Since 2010 Gemma Nelson has been represented by VEGAS in East London and had her first solo show, Hello Carousel with them in July 2011.

She has shown work with them internationally in Amsterdam and Brussels as well as group exhibitions in London. In 2011 Gemma Nelson was selected to exhibit work at the Dulwich Picture Gallery Bicentenary Exhibition. Gemma Nelson currently lives and works in London.