Helena Kauppila

“The piece Silent Courage is a new direction for Kauppila's soft sculptures.  Intermixed with traditional yarn is safety reflector material that reflects light directly back to its source and no where else.  In daylight, the sculpture looks similar from all angles.  In a room lit with artificial light, however, slight variations in position can result in drastic differences in how the sculpture looks.  Thus two people standing very close to each other can still not be certain that they are seeing at all the same thing, and explaining ones experience to the other can become a near impossibility.  The piece serves as a reminder that to be an individual is in a certain sense a sacred act and that it requires courage, because one must come to reconcile that ones life can never fully be explained to another.”

Kauppila holds a Ph.D. in probability theory from Columbia University, and is the recipient of the Reginald Marsh and Meyers Marsh Scholarship at the Art Students League on New York.  Her studio is located in Berlin, Germany.