Irtifa Ali

I am Irtifa Ali. I am a vivacious and free spirited individual who learns from experiences and loves the evolutionary process that the Universe leads. I thrive to be a part of radical and creative community where I can exchange my observations, ideas, lessons and at the same time learn from others. Life is all about learning and evolving. My life goal is to help the humanity and various parts of the deprived society with my creative voice and thus contribute towards a brighter society. I constantly seek opportunities to use my skills to highlight important issues, help and inspire people and bring more positivity in this world. So I like to introduce myself as a visual artist. I have completed by BA(Hons) in Graphic Design and Visual Communication from University of West London. My Final Major Project artwork entitled “Raw Nude” has been exhibited at FILIA Art Show in September 2013. The following month the very same works have been exhibited in Feminism in London Annual Conference. From 21st March to 23rd May the they have been exhibited at a Feminist event called “ARTIST’S LUNCH” at Waterloo in London.

I am currently working as Senior Visualizer at Change Communications where I manage a team of creatives and mostly do branding and design strategy related work.


My first interest in arts began when I watched my elder brother drawing and painting in his leisure time. Then I had the opportunity to join an Arts school which deepened my desire in arts and design field. As I journeyed from teenage to adulthood I realised that I have a very vivid and active imagination. All my dreams, aspirations, observations and thoughts I want to bring in this three dimensional world using my creativity. No wonder that art and design gives me immense power to create , to communicate and to visually express myself. I am happiest when I am a part of a dynamic, open and creative endeavor. I strongly advocate that we all should do what we really feel at our core to do each day. So I picked Graphic Design as my profession where I can translate my thoughts using technical and modern technology and easily reach out to the mass.


Life and its various facets are my main sourcse of inspiration. Nothing can be a better teacher than life. I make sure to notice tiny nothings that I come across everyday as they can bear such powerful seeds of inspiration.Furthermore, studying at University of West London and living independently in London have been both challenging and exciting. I was exposed to the multi-cultural communities, galleries, exhibitions, Opera, Musicals, etc. which have inspired and intrigued me both visually and mentally. At UWL, I was introduced to artists and designers such as Robert Rauschenberg, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali, Lizitsky, Alan Fletcher, Josef Müller Brockman, Wim Crouwell, Noma Bar etc. whose works ignited fire inside me to try unconventional style and ideas. Understanding the concepts of art movements such as Surrealism, Cubism, Art Nouveau, Bauhaus, etc. have been key factors that have helped me to develop my own design sense and style. Slowly slowly as I worked in large organisations and with extremely talented people, I have been able to indentify my signature style as a creative individual and choose to take it forward.


My own design philosophy is to be unconventional and simplistic. Every work of an artist and designer is a print of himself- a shadow of himself. There is nothing wrong in taking inspiration but we should thrive to create original concept and bring different flavour with our work.


I love working on print media and use collaging, sketching, prints, etc. to create unique designs.