Alexandra Florschutz

“My art is all about Liberating the Feminine. My paintings capture the symbolic essence, the energy, the sensual juiciness of the vulva; they are evocative rather than literal. Each painting is an individual representation of an energetic process to celebrate and empower the Feminine.

The female reproductive system and genitalia are the most impressive parts of being a woman and yet they have been the most shamed, abused and violated. Women have become sexualised objects, where external features define a woman as ‘good enough’ for the male gaze and any natural bodily functions are suppressed or extensively sanitised. The vulva/vagina, in particular, is still seen as shameful, dirty or ‘looks wrong’ and the expectation is that only a man can ignite its pleasure. I am here to bust that myth. I believe that as women cultivate a positive relationship with their divine source, they discover the power of their intuitive compass as a way to navigate life.”


Alex Florschutz MA, (HPC Reg.) is a professional artist living and working in the South of England. She is renowned for her beautiful evocative paintings, her use of tactile media and her infamous Pink Tent Installation which travels the country inspiring people about the new Feminine. She explores the fundamental aspects of being a Woman: feminine sexuality, cycles, empowered birth, and our intuitive, creative expression. Inspiring women to heal mind, body and spirit from the patriarchal legacy through acquired knowledge, self respect and celebrating our dreams and desires with pleasure! Alex is a registered Art Psychotherapist with a wide range of experience working with adults and children. She enjoys supporting clients find their inner wisdom through creative expression and move through any life issue towards greater clarity.