What do we really mean when we say 'I love you'?
What is the meaning of friendship?
What is it like to deal with the pressures of cosmetic surgery as a woman in Lebanon?
How does a guerrilla fighter become a women's rights activist?
What is it really like to work as a 'glamour model'?

These were some of the surprising, moving and inspiring truths of women's experiences that we explored at Women On Screen 2016, bringing together some of London's best female filmmakers. The screening concluded with a panel discussion hosted by Gillian McIver, film maker (Taking over the King’s Land 2014) and author of Art History for Filmmakers (2016) and Andrea Luka Zimmerman filmmaker (Estate: A Reverie 2016, Taskafa, Stories of The Street 2014). The panel was participatory, featuring  the filmmakers themselves, and inviting the audience to address the shared themes of their work and the challenges of female-led filmmaking.

Women on Screen 2016 was named as one of the best documentary events in the UK for the month of November by the Whickers World Foundation.