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The idea is to encourage women to produce their own images under the same moto “#VIVASNOSQUEREMOS” [WE [WOMEN] WANT US ALIVE] to protest against femicide, transvesticide, domestic violence, rapes, the day to day street harassment and so many other forms of patriarchal oppression and violence.

[image#0 marchando y bailando color]

”[image#1] “We want us alive!

We want to encourage the technique of etching as a means of rebellion.

It is a way of making collective images expressing our voices, our desire to live without fear, our strength of not being alone anymore while we walk in the public space. 

[IMAGE#2 pegando]

[IMAGE# 3marchando colectiva]

Our work is concerned with what it means to be a woman in a patriarchal world, where being a woman or a transvestite can be considered of such a little human value, that can be murdered with impunity.

We aim to leave an empowering signal to those women and girls that will walk afterwards. It is also a warning to the “macho”: we are fighting back!

Beyond the empowering images, an overview to the phrases can give an idea of what we mean by empowering each other while we walk in the streets. Many of these phrases are already part or the women`s movement in the shape of chants in street manifestations. [image#4] They are part of a collective voice. “We are the granddaughters of the witches that you couldn`t burn” [image#4]; “Do not wolfwhistle at me, bastard!”[image#6]; “One day we will walk without fearless” [image#8]; “Don`t say love when there`s violence” [image#9]; “We want our share of pleasure in the banquet of life”; “I want to be happy”[image#11]; “I did not commit suicide, they murdered me” [image # 13]; “Because we are not afraid, we can get organised [image#14]; “Love Yourself/Take up arms” [image#15]; “The first territory for which we fight is our body. Legal Abortion NOW! [image #16 ] and many others.



The #VivasNosQueremos Graphic Campaign was started in mid 2014 in Mexico by the group MuGRe Mujeres Grabando Resistencias (Women engraving  Resistence), whose acronym MUGRE means FILTH.

The campaign is a reaction to the over-exposure of negative images through which we, women, are being represented in the mass media. This happens specially in Mexico where the number of femicides escalates to a genocide level and where the public are bombarded through the media with images of mutilated bodies of dead women disposed in rubbish bags.

Through the making of our own images using the engraving graphic technique, collectively printing and plastering them in the street; the fear transmutes into encouragement and empowerment for ourselves and for many other women and girls that will walk in the public space.

In addition, we provide educational work-shops to promote the visual expression of self-esteem, love and respect our bodies as a way of counteracting the everyday expressions of misogyny. [image#12 imagen#12]

The #VivasNosQueremos Graphic Campaign is open to every woman and girl who wants to participate. It is an invite to join us to channel our pain and our anger through the cathartic gesture of engraving. Our call is only for females because our works are always misrepresented in graphic and in art in general.



The Campaign is ANONIMOUS, as a response to the creative individualism of the patriarchal and capitalistic system, with its entangled notions of authorship and private property. All notions that have been instrumental for female oppression.

The posters started to be displayed and distributed for free around all of Mexico. Social networks communicated the initiative and distributed the images all throughout Latin America ever since.

The movement echoed loudest in Argentina where the Graphic Campaign is formed by a motley crew of different independent groups. We`ve spontaneously met while plastering the posters within the framework of the 8th March 2015 massive gathering in Buenos Aires. Some of us were plastering the Mexican images and some others were already plastering our new own images. That`s how the Argentinean campaign started as an inorganic coalition of groups of anonymous street female artists and women activists from different branches of social organizations based in the Unemployed Workers Movement (Movimiento de Trabajadores Desocupadxs MTD). The campaign emerged trans-sectional and diverse.

[image #18 November 2015]

In the Argentinean campaign, portraits of victims of femicides or transvesticides were created spontaneously after the crimes, with the objective of demanding justice.  This relates to the tradition created by the  Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo [the grandmothers of May Square] when they gathered wearing white scarves and showing the pictures of their missing daughters, sons, grandsons and granddaughters, claiming for having them returned and alive  to the military dictatorship. That`s how the #VivasNosQueremos Graphic Campaign rends homage to Berta Cáceres [image#19], the Honduran indigenous peasant leader; Laura Iglesias [image#20], the social worker raped and murdered by the police and the prostitution survivor and abolitionist transvestite leader, Diana Sacayán [image21] whose murder case inaugurated a new juridical concept in Argentinean law of “transvesticide” to point out that those hate murders targeted specifically  transvestite and trans-gender people. Berta Cáceres, Laura Iglesias, Diana Sacayán! PRESENTES! AHORA Y SIEMPRE! [PRESENT! NOW AND FOREVER!]

[image #19berta] [image#20laura] [image#21diana]

In October 2017, through the generous support of three committed publishing houses: Chirimbote, muchas nueces and Editorial El Colectivo, the images were digitalised, and replicated in offset prints and distributed at a greater scale and free for any activist feminist group or individual who want to plaster them. [image #7] We self-financed the campaign through the sales of the VivasNosQueremos book, which compiles all the images that we`ve received in each call for images both from Mexico and Argentina.

[image #22books]

In both countries, the campaign had reached all provinces, poor neighbourhoods and crossed neighbouring borders. In mid 2018, we very welcomed the first arrival of an image from Brazil. [image #23]

A few months after each 25th November, the International Day against Violence Towards Women, we launch an open call from  #VivasNosQueremos Campaign to attract  new cohorts of women and girls wishing to participate in the creation of new images. Our aim is to encourage wheat plastering of the posters in each city during the feminist manifestation that is held on that day. That is the way in which we meet each other, taking the streets with joy and with our images. As Marielle Franco, the lesbian Brazilian leader, murdered on 6th March 2018, said in her last discourse: “the flowers of the resistance will be born from the asphalt!”. Because we have the right to walk in the streets without fear: