Nounou is a Congolese journalist and a graduate in judicial and private law. She has worked as a judicial reporter in the Democratic Republic of Congo, for " Le Potentiel" a Congolese national newspaper. She has also published “Projusticia” an online newspaper on trial observation in the DRC. A human rights activist, she is a co-founder of the “Women of Media for Justice in Congo” “ Femmes de Media pour la Justice au Congo (FMJC). She has actively monitored human rights violation and violence against women in the DRC. She has been the permanent secretary of Women Partners for Peace in Africa (WOPPA/DRC) which has helped women to participate in peace process in the DRC.

She worked as Africa programme officer at the International Action network on Small Arms (IANSA) in London.

Since 2009, Nounou developed training pack on gender and arms control, As well as other disarmament related topics. She is experienced in training the trainers and the non-trainers. 

An active campaigner of the Control Arms Coalition, the International Coalition to abolish Nuclear weapons (ICAN), the campaign to Stop the Killer Robot and the International Network on Explosive Weapons. 

Nounou is programme Director at the Centre for Peace, Security and Armed Violence Prevention (CPS-AVIP)