I finished my social science BA studies in 2012 and my social work MA studies in 2015 at Eötvös Loránt University of Budapest. I started my ongoing PhD studies in 2015 at the Doctoral School of Sociology of Corvinus University of Budapest.

It has already been 6 years that I started to deepen my knowledge in the phenomenon of prostitution. My first experience working directly with women selling sex was in Amsterdam in 2013, where originally I was present as an Erasmus student. The organisation where I volunteered hired me as a volunteer based on my Hungarian language knowledge, since Hungarian woman in the sex industry of the Netherlands were overrepresented. That was the first point when I discovered that I rarely could get in contact with a single woman who framed as she found herself voluntarily in the red light district. Since then, I worked with several organisations which somehow get in contact directly with women and girls involved in prostitution. I was working with women involved in prostitution in Hungary and in Western-European countries as well. I started my PhD studies in 2015 on the topic of prostitution. In my PhD research, I examine how the experiences of Hungarian women who sell sex in Hungary and in core countries are shaped by patriarchal and capitalist structures.

Since 2016 I also started to deepen my knowledge in the field of violence against women and on the impacts of trauma as it cannot be separated from the phenomenon of prostitution. I’m a feminist activist at NANE Association, the Association is concentrating on to improve the situation of victims of violence against women in Hungary on an individual and societal level as well.