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A workshop to discuss the important of Women’s Spaces. Vivienne Hayes, Linda Bellos, Nadia Baksh, Karen Ingala-Smith and Wendy Davis will lead the discussion. We will examine our history and the systems of oppression and weakening of society’s understanding of structures of discrimination. We will look at the ongoing loss of women’s spaces and organisations through changes in funding, the introduction of competitive bidding and the pressure to provide services to men. We will look at the consequences for women in relation to various forms of sexual violence and discrimination and the requirements of different groups and cultures. We will examine the possibilities for new ways of providing women’s spaces and seek participant experiences and ideas for the future.




I will be speaking on how Women only spaces can be transformative both on a micro and macro level contributing towards their own life goals and in terms of community development. Examples of this are from our events and workshops and the participants and the volunteers themselves as different women from different backgrounds and walks of life come together sharing their skills and knowledge in safe spaces and celebrate this.