Food will be provided by these wonderful caterers.

Paprika - The Food Consultancy 


PAPRIKA: The Food Consultancy is the brainchild of Stockport’s Foodie Friday creator, Esther Morrison.  With years of market development and event management experience behind her, project managing a community-owned café, store and gallery then running a coffee shop and business hub in Stockport’s Market Place she decided to put her skill set to wider use.   Broadly put, Paprika helps individuals and communities to use food as a tool to demonstrate what binds us together, rather than what separates us.

Paprika has worked with cultural institutions, community groups, alternative curriculum providers and market towns, nurturing the growing interest in food as a catalyst for economic growth, increased tourism numbers and spend and town centre development.

Taking on board the current research on social spaces and market towns, in June she launched the first weekly, evening food market outside London.  Originally imagined as a ‘click-and-collect’ location for commuters to connect with local food retailers and producers it has quickly morphed into a live food market, with a rota of traders providing a different food offer every week.  The market hires a community pub in order to provide a licensed bar, hot drinks, cakes and warmth whilst shopping, with adjacent free parking. Trading is from 5:30-7:30pm, keeping it an attractive option for conventional retail wishing to extend their trading day.  Nominal fees for a staffed popup help low sales retailers to maintain a presence every week e.g. the local supplier for raw, local honey.

On top of all this, her commitment to her local community has her managing the street food for all the town’s outdoor events as well as hosting quarterly food fairs.

FiLiA – A Feminist Conference has inspired an eclectic, round the world cooking spree by Paprika.  The conference menu will include #vegan and #glutenfree treats, embracing the inclusive experience being offered.

Nectarine, Apricot and Earl Grey Loaf
Spiced Beetroot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Lime Drizzle Cake (GF, Vegan)
Maltloaf (Vegan)
Grandma’s Retro Chocolate Fudge Cake
Crispy Cookies
Berry & White Chocolate Cookies
Unicorn Cookies (Vegan, GF)
Suffragette Coconut Macaroons
Empanadas – Beef, Chicken and Mushroom
GF Vegan and Vegetarian Filo Bites
Jamaican Patties

Naked Cakes Manchester and Dela Lite Catering


These two social enterprises are the brainchild of The Launch Project Greater Manchester, they work with the community in salford, training and employing single parents and the ex homeless community. Not only offering training but also offering paid employment that is flexible accommodating family life, education and other commitments.

Combining employment opportunity and understanding the ever-growing need for flexible working Natalie Lek used her 18 years of catering experience to offer a sustainable and community friendly social enterprise.

Natalie, is a mother, law student, social entreprenuer and ambassador for equality for women. Natalie started her entrepreneurial life 18 years ago and charitable involvement over 8 years ago by offering free Christmas Dinners for Greater Manchester on Christmas Day which has now grown to 1000 meals on Christmas Day for the last two years. Natalie advocates community inclusion and provides community action projects providing free support to women and families who are living in poverty, Natalie is also a mentor for The Queens Young Leaders program at Cambridge University.

Naked Cakes Manchester offer an alternative to traditional cakes by removing the icing and the addition of fruit decorations, all cakes are offered as gluten free cakes and dairy free. Naked Cakes Manchester also offers a wide range of naturally flavoured cupcakes with no artificial additives or preservatives.

Dela Lite Catering creates fantastic hot and cold buffets utilising fresh seasonal produce for all dietary requirements, taking inspiration reflective of the diverse local community and creating tasty dishes for all occasions.

With both social enterprises growing quickly from two to four employees with more in training, Dela Lite and Naked Cakes Manchester are set to deliver on their mission statement; We are as passionate about excellent food as we are about supporting the community and creating re employment in a fluid and adaptable solution. By offering catering solutions on this model, Naked Cakes Manchester and Dela Lite Catering can keep costings low and offer exceptional catering at low costs to other social enterprises and community groups.

By purchasing from local suppliers and employing locally Naked Cakes Manchester and Dela Lite Catering are committed to supporting the community as much as possible.

By offering Gluten free, Dairy free, Vegan, Kosher and Halal options both social enterprises reflect the very diverse community of Manchester and Salford.

By taking part of the FiLiA conference, it will not only give the attendees chance to sample #glutenfree #vegan #dairyfree #lowsugar sweets and deserts it will also allow the company the opportunity to understand in more detail how to support women in the community.

The Eritrean Catering Collective 

The Eritrean Catering Collective.jpg