FiLiA is delighted that a panel of Court of Appeal judges have quashed the conviction of Sally Challen for the murder of her husband in this landmark ruling. This case marks a recognition of ‘coercive control’, a form of psychological abuse, as potentially diminishing responsibility.

When Challen was convicted, sexist media coverage surrounding the trial depicted her as manipulative, deranged and emotionally defective while eschewing any serious consideration of her mental health. Though Challen faces a retrial, FiLiA hopes that this ruling represents a step towards more nuanced and compassionate treatment of abused women, both in the media and the UK courts.

by Adeline Chandler




The representation of women’s bodies has been subject to masculinist authority for much of recorded history. Before the 19th century, religious leaders in the West informed women it was the lusty, disobedient Eve, not Adam, who was to blame for earthly sexual corruption.  Since the 19th century, scientists added to the historical narrative the ‘truth’ that women were incapable of taking up positions of authority in the public sphere since women’s hormones and brains were clearly responsible for their educational, social and political inferior status.  

Sally Jackson at the House of Lords

Sally Jackson at the House of Lords

Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne hosted an event at the House of Lords asking the University of Reading and FiLiA to invite experts to discuss Gender-Based Violence and the UK’s Obligations under the UN Convention Against Torture with view to compiling a shadow report to present to the periodic review of states party to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment in April next year.

Are "Must-Haves" a "Must Want?"

Marks and Spencer, the iconic British department store which was once an advocate of the big ‘granny’ pant, has shown insensitivity and fallen victim to modern day sexualisation of women.

Its Christmas ‘Must Haves’ window display in its Nottingham store features men dressed in suits and ‘dressed to impress’, whilst the female mannequins are near-naked in sexy lingerie.

Fancy Little Problems?

Watching the reaction to Marks & Spencers’ #fancylittleknickers adverts has been illuminating. Women in Nottingham complained that the juxtaposition of “MUST HAVE outfits to impress” with fully clothed male mannequins and “MUST HAVE fancy little knickers” on female mannequins was reflective of a wider problem with objectification of women, including in advertising, and was in poor taste given the recent Irish case in which a seventeen year old girl’s fancy little knickers were held up in front of a jury as evidence that she might have been out on the razzle, and therefore presumably up for it with any older man in the mud on a lane.

Marks and Spencer Slammed For 'Sexist' Window Display Calling 'Fancy Little Knickers' A Must-Have For Women

With thanks to Rachel Moss from HuffPost for picking up on this story about Marks and Spencer’s sexist window display.

‘Marks and Spencer has come under fire for a new festive window display that showcases some seasonal sartorial “must-haves” for its customers: for men, a snappy new suit, and for women? Lingerie.’ …

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Petition: Prevent Banks Discriminating Against Women

Petition: Prevent Banks Discriminating Against Women

Banks are banning landlords from renting to people on benefits, and this is what that really means:
of single parent housing benefit claimants are women
of all single person household benefit claims are made by women.

We need you to sign and share this petition as far and wide as possible to get the government to take action. We only need 100,000 signatures to have this debated in parliament.



David Challenor was convicted on Monday 20th August of the rape and torture of a 10-year-old girl, and was sentenced to 22 years in prison. He is the father of Aimee Challenor, a transwoman who was, until this was revealed running for deputy leadership of the Green Party, and who had appointed David Challenor as election agent for the General Election in 2017 and local election in May 2018 …