— Radical & Community Bookshop —

— Radical & Community Bookshop —


News From Nowhere Bookshop opened its doors on Mayday 1974 and has been a Women’s Collective since 1981, providing many women, as members of the collective or as volunteers, with the experience of running a business, and building up their skills in bookselling, retail and accounts. It’s not very often now that a man will take one look at the woman behind the till and ask to see the boss, but it does still happen!’

News From Nowhere is …

  • not-for-profit

  • a worker's co-operative

  • committed to social change

FiLiA is delighted that News From Nowhere exists and brings a mini-version of the bookshop to our conference every year.

If you can’t wait until October, books can be ordered online, or pop in for a visit if you’re passing through Liverpool!

News From Nowhere
96 Bold Street
Liverpool L1 4HY