FIL panelists PLAN UK in the news

Commenting on a report that the NHS has recorded over a thousand new FGM cases in a year, Tanya Barron of PLAN UK said that 

"It's shocking to see the extent of FGM here in the UK. 

"We've seen hugely increased attention on this problem in the past few years and we are now waking up to the scale of this terrible practice.

"What we must always keep in mind though is that this is not specifically a British problem.

"FGM is a practice with an inherently global dimension.

"And while it's vital that we do everything we can to stop FGM here in the UK, as well as to support the girls and women affected by it, the reality is that this practice won't end in the UK until it is ended worldwide."

PLAN UK will be speaking at FIL on forced marriage.