Feminism in London

The largest women’s rights conference in the UK

Our focus is on bringing women together to talk about the work they are doing to fight for the rights and liberation of women and girls. We want to encourage new women in to the movement and help them make sense of this patriarchal world – to engage them in the important discussions and to guide them. To inspire them to make a difference; to show them that difference can be made; to bring the day of women’s liberation closer in their lifetimes. They are enabled to do this thanks to the support of the many feminist mentors generous in giving their time and support to help navigate what can be a very difficult journey.

We are succeeding … the voices of feminists are growing in both number and volume. The growth of the Feminism in London conference from around 300 people to over 1000 is testament to that. As is the move from a one day UK to a two day international event.

With thanks to the 150 speakers who self-fund to be a part of this incredible event. To the 50 volunteers who give their time tirelessly to make this happen; covering accessibility to the free crèche; from advertising to clearing up into the early hours; from art coordination to stall coordination and everything in between. I am proud and grateful to work with every single one of you.

Over the three years that I have been a part of this life-changing event, I have received death threats and rape threats. My family has been threatened. The conference last year was targeted by someone who said that he was going to bomb us (thanks to the police who ensured that we were all safe). Speakers have withdrawn. We have faced accusations from all sides of not doing feminism right. We have been bullied and harassed.

This is what happens when you enter the women’s rights arena.

As well as being exhausted, you must be prepared to face the onslaught that comes from all sides, even from within. We must, however, remain focussed on fighting patriarchy – that is the only way that we can possibly succeed. And we must succeed – millions of our sisters lives depend on it.

Feminism is the most rewarding step you will take towards living a life that makes sense and feels authentic. The sisterhood is, indeed, powerful. You will find explanations for what has happened to you in your life, you will make friendships you never believed possible. You will find support, and inspiration. You will have the opportunity to make a genuine difference.

So to those who want to join us – you are really welcome. And if anyone wants to come together with our team to make this happen, let me know.

We have a conference to organise and patriarchy to fight. Let’s get on with it.

In sisterhood,

Lisa-Marie Taylor
Chair Feminism in London