Open letter to Home Secretary Theresa May

Dear Mrs May,

We are writing to invite you to direct the exclusion of Daryesh Valizadeh, also known as Roosh Vorek, also known as Roosh V, from the UK on the basis that his entry to the UK is not conducive to the public good.

Roosh V is an American national who describes himself as a "pick up artist." His publications and speeches are strongly anti-woman. He has called for rape to be legalised in the following terms:
"“If rape becomes legal under my proposal, a girl will protect her body in the same manner that she protects her purse and smartphone. If rape becomes legal, a girl will not enter an impaired state of mind where she can’t resist being dragged off to a bedroom with a man who she is unsure of—she’ll scream, yell, or kick at his attempt while bystanders are still around. If rape becomes legal, she will never be unchaperoned with a man she doesn’t want to sleep with.”

On 6 February, he and his organisation (known as Return of Kings) will be holding a series of meetings for men who share their views across the world.

He has said that women attempting to come along (and presumably those unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity for other purposes) will be filmed with footage sent to his worldwide “anti-feminist” network who will then “exact furious retribution”.

The event FAQ asks: What if crazy feminists show up?

The answer: “Record them with your camera, upload the footage to Dropbox, and then send it to me at afterwards so we can tear them up.”

It is evident from the above that they are a violent threat.

Valizadeh and his organisation represent a clear and deliberate threat to women.

Please direct his exclusion under paragraph 320(6) and 320(19) of the Immigration Rules.

Yours sincerely,

Feminism in London

Julian Norman & Lisa-Marie Taylor, Feminism in London
Helen Taylor, Suffolk Feminist Society
Kathy Sloan, National Organisation for Women USA
Claire Moore, Certain Curtain Theatre Company
Scarlet Stubbs, Radical Feminists Worldwide
Amanda Lundstedt, Young Feminists London
Sally Jackson, Standing Together
Gurpreet Virdee, Women and Girls Network
Gudrun Getz, Walthamstow Women: Taking Back The Streets
Annette Lawson, The Judith Trust
Gemma Aitchison, Yes Matters
Jill Saward, JURIES
Nottingham Feminist Action Network
Pateh Baldeh, WeAid
Janie Davies, journalist
Al Garthwaite
Rachel Meyrick
Kathryn Martin
Shanta Gyanchand
Sara Davies
Susan Young
Heather Keane
Christa Percival
Siobhan Elizabeth
Roweena Russell
Melanie Ini
Fjoralba Miraka
Julie Chalder-Mills
Phoebe Person
Claire L Heuchan
Marta Brebner
Amy Collins
Angela Styles
Tiranjot Kaur Khehra
Aline Neves
Rachelle Arthey
Helen Pinney
Carol Cabourn-Ford
Charlotte Rowland
Zahra Rasouli
Sarah O'Mahoney
Zoe MacGechan
Sarah Green
Sarah de Lagarde
Emily Shackley
Laurie McNamee
Lex Frank
Helen Bishop
Shahnaz Shahabi
George Sheeran
Zuhra Bahman
Dearball Jordan
Holly Doherty
Rebecca Mae Lam
Elisha Foust
Rachel Horman
Hannah North
Kate Smurthwaite
Ettie Bailey-King
Lisa J Whelan
Rachel Hewitt
Nikki Silver
Sarah Gorman
Miranda Mellor
Lucy Tammam
Rhi Kavok
Anita Benson
Izzy Romilly
Mira Mawla
Alice Luetchford
Hannah Elizabeth
Izzi Ramsay
Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull
Emma Bowman
Rebecca Livesey-Wright
Becky Frankham
Sophia Martin
Hannah Tattersall
Hanna Naima McCloskey
Rebecca Waclawyj
Mark Smith
Alison Boydell
Stephanie Davies-Arai
Vicky Bellman
Hayley Mahon
Amelia Hunt
Rosalia Wilson
Jenny Cavanagh
Victoria Collingridge
Connie Cullen
Sheila Buckley
Mila Nixon
Gemma Wexford
Laura Lister
Sue Newte
Lucy Hannah
TJ Alexander
Joan Alexander
Casey-Jane Rand
Shally Shefer
Iain Houston
John Norman
Ian Hennessey
Grace Wong
Emily Jacob
Sam Valiant
Janine Pounder
Sam Munch-Peterson
Megan Saliu
Suzanna King
Ellen Robertson
Christina Panagopoulou
Elizabeth Gordon
Lara Smith
Eleanor Lisney
Ozlem Imil
Rebecca Collins
Christine Child
Ruth Gordon
Jali Hicks
Suzy Harrison
Rachel Parry
Louise Hayward
Charlotte Houghton
Sara Budd
Kay Fi'ain
Peter Marshall
Victoria Sharkey
Bryony Evens
Julie Greenland
Beth Morgan
Sarah Corfield
Naomi Smith
Daphna Sivron
Imogen Butler-Cole
Claudia Wilde
Steph Calvert
Chris Ando
Peter Walker
Jane Fae
Jo Shone
Susannah Oldham
Shahla Khan
Yolanda Shaw
Alex Crawford
Leonie Wigmore
Harriet Brown
Brandi Amiss-Towler
Jill Hunt
Mary Ensell
Heidi Maunder
Andrea Blood
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Eleanor Hill
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