Message from Feminism in London ...

Message from Feminism in London ...

For a number of years Feminism in London has held a conference bringing together many women from all over the world to share their work; growing the movement and creating a space for us to gather; celebrate; raise our collective consciousness and plan for effective action.

With no previous experience a dedicated team of women pulled together to develop what became a two day international event, and based on our hard work and success we gained charitable status at the end of 2015.

We have made the decision to take a break from conference organising just for this year, allowing us to rest and recharge and to do the groundwork necessary to build our new organisation. The success of FiL has given us the opportunity to move beyond simply hosting the conference and enables us to participate in further reaching work.

Our new organisation will be called FiLia a word meaning daughter, and which is evocative of our intention to steadfastly continue the work of our foremothers to create a better world for our daughters.*

Over the coming months we will be building the organisation, deciding what our strategy looks like and which projects we want to pursue as well as thinking about how we can be as effective as possible. As part of this process, we are delighted to announce that Resist Porn Culture will become a part of FiLia.

FiLia will:

• stand in sisterhood and solidarity with women and girls throughout the world in our collective struggle for economic, political and social liberation

• contribute to growing and strengthening the Women’s Liberation Movement

• work tirelessly and effectively to analyse, understand and dismantle patriarchy in all its forms everywhere

                                                              ‘Failure is impossible’
                                     the last words spoken in public by Susan B Anthony

*with gratitude to Alisa Lockwood for our new name which she used for the 2013 FiL art exhibition