How Rape Crisis Scotland are challenging myths about rape

'I just froze' is Rape Crisis Scotland's new public awareness campaign, which aims to challenge and change common misconceptions that there is a right or wrong way for people to react during or after a rape.

Many people know of two typical survival responses to a traumatic event like rape: fight or flight. A lot of people are unaware of the third survival response – freeze – which can actually be one of the most common reactions during a rape.

Survivors often fear being judged for their behaviour if they were unable to fight back during a rape. This is something that can stop them coming forward to disclose what has happened to friends or family or to someone else who might be able to offer support.  They can also worry about being judged in court and this is something that can make them hesitate, delay or even prevent them altogether from reporting the assault to the police. These fears can be a real barrier to survivors’ chances of receiving support or justice after rape.

These short films have been created as part of Rape Crisis Scotland’s campaign to raise awareness of this issue.

For more information, including how you can get involved, visit the campaign page here