Support FiLiA to purchase recording equipment

FiLiA is a UK based registered charity dedicated to amplifying the voices of women and girls throughout the world (Charity:  1163473).  Check us out at or on Twitter or

We are currently developing FiLiA Podcasts and are seeking these funds to purchase recording equipment.  These will initially take the form of a series of interviews and discussions with wonderful women from around the world, focussing on speakers and workshop leaders from our conferences; activists, artists, academics, revolutionaries and valued voices of experience. 

Our first podcast has been recorded and is at the editing stage.  It features Palestinian women in conversation with Heather Brunskell-Evans.  Interviews with 50:50 Parliament and Woman’s Place UK are also in development.  We will share all podcasts for free on our website and social media streams, as shareable content.

We look forward to planning further recordings and output, and hope to include speeches and music/spoken word performances from our future conferences and other events.   Together all podcasts will support us with the dissemination, promotion and archiving of our work and go some way towards ensuring our sustainability.  

We currently rely on borrowing equipment to undertake recordings, which restricts our ability to be flexible and responsive, and so limits our output.  We can’t rely on the generosity of others indefinitely so we really need to purchase our own equipment.   This is where you can help.    

We are looking to raise £250 to purchase the Zoom H4n Pro APH-4n Bundle (the industry standard podcast recording technology, plus accessories/delivery).  This should last us many years and ensure that we can continue to produce and share information and activism across the world, and support FiLiA’s overall mission (see below).  Any donation that you can make will be very gratefully received and would go towards supporting us to give voice to the experiences and work of women from around the globe and support the engagement and connection of feminists and allies in campaigns to promote the human rights of women and girls.  

FiLiA’s mission:

  • To host a world-renowned annual conference, bringing together women from all around the globe to exchange ideas, share experiences and network
  • To advance gender equality by showcasing activists, academics, artists, NGOs and their work
  • To promote human rights, especially women’s rights
  • To promote women artists, feminist and activist art and to give voice to minority and disadvantaged women through art

Since 2013 (2008 as Feminism in London) we have provided a platform to speakers and artists from all over the world.  FiLiA facilitates and showcases art, research, policy and activism, and our conference is now recognised as a significant global event, which is open to all.  We are entirely woman-led and everyone involved donates their time and expertise.   Our work centres the needs and experiences of marginalised and disadvantaged women and girls.  

We seek to engage and inform; to raise awareness and build relationships that endure beyond the conference days.  We achieve our aims by harnessing all available resources, which includes the goodwill and time of many passionate and inspiring women. If you share our passion and have the means please support this fund and help us to produce content that could be a game-changer for feminism in the UK.  If you are unable to help financially you can still support us by sharing this fundraiser within your networks.  

We are very excited to be hosting our 2018 conference in Manchester (UK) on 20th and 21st October - we hope to see you there.

Sisterhood and solidarity,

FiLiA team


                Zoom H4n Pro APH-4n Bundle

              Zoom H4n Pro APH-4n Bundle