Power lies in the black snake lines above, anchored by

Metal men in their power stances

And in the gas beneath the sea and poison oil

In the wells, which swells the pockets of the

already too wealthy


Power pulsates in the veins of those aggrieved and

aggravated by Injustice

And lies in the hearts of the extroverted campaigner

And the introverted professional

Whose presence in the workplace  is political

Whose absence from the household is political

Whose decision to take an indulgent bath

is feminist and political


Power lies in the heart of

teachers without classrooms

And In the student who teaches her life

In every question answered by another

And In every fishing lesson that teaches



Power lies In every refusal to teach

The willingly blind, oblivious to the truths of

Humanity, inclusivity, diversity and privilege

Don’t explain you, Just be you,

female, Muslim, brown, whatever

And that too is powerful and political.


Power lies in perspective

And our ability to control our reactions to

People, events, love and hate,

Ignorance and knowledge

Environment and experience

And how we define us

And speak our Crystal truth


Power lies in the ability to see across the sea of lies

Sold to the masses as fame, game and

And good telly

Name, Shame, blame

The poor and illiterate for their

Inability to pull up their socks and pull out

all the stops on their way to the food bank


Power lies in rebellion, in the refusal to accept

Tales on big red buses

And imaginary lines, dividing nations, rations and people

Power lies in school girls, actors and lawyers

Who gently storm the streets with their words

Enough is enough, me too, black lives matter,

Etching visions of change on the retinas

Of the choirs and the myopic leaders


Power lies about the destruction of the earth

The distribution of wealth, water and shelter

And power lies about the reality of responsibility

The one percent versus the ninety nine


Power lies in unity, pulsing through the veins

Of the passionate, the terrified and

The weary wise warriors of peace

Power lies with us

Lovers, makers, voters,

And the story we write together

For all of our futures


Amria Khatun