FiLiA Meets: Merly Åsbogård

Merly foto.jpg

Merly Åsbogård is a wonderful feminist who will be speaking at the FiLiA conference in 2019. She describes herself like this:

”I administrate a support group online for women with experience of different kinds of abuse.

“I'm the woman behind the account Viskans Viol on Instagram. The account is used to raise awareness of prostitution, men's violence against women and bodypositivity. I hold lectures about the same and write on my first book as we speak.

“I believe in changing the attitude and general discourse when it comes to how we perceive the people in prostitution the people buying people in prostitution. When it comes to prostitution as with many problems in society we need to keep tearing down the patriarchy. Keep questioning the men's rights to a woman’s body. How can vulnerability be allowed to be a commodity for men to buy? Work towards the Nordic Model.”

Merly shares the following link:

@Viskans Viol