Many women activists are working without resources and our people are constantly targeted by the media. We are living in a class society which forces women to compete for resources and pits us against each other. Our very challenging times mean that working together is essential if we are to change the financial system and sort out the climate crisis. We will explore the impact of the roles we play within society and how oppression and colonisation have affected our lives and our communities and the world as a whole. To build an inclusive women's movement that has poor working class and women of colour at the centre we have to learn about and act against the impact of classism and racism on working class women's lives. This short talk will lead into a diverse panel of Bradford women activists who will talk about what they do and how class and race affects their lives as women and as activists. Then there will be time for discussion and questions.

Key Questions:

How does classism impact on women's lives and women activist's lives?

How do working class women rise up to take on the oppressive system whilst at the same time we are being forced to live in austerity and poverty?

Working class women are often facing racism and classism and many other oppressions at the same time - how does this affect us as activists?

How can we build a women's movement with poor, working class and women of colour at the centre?