WAST roadshow - “Still WE Rise”- is written, performed by our members of WAST and directed by Magdaline Bartlette. The roadshow is made up of drama, song and poetry performances which show the reality through our own experiences of the trauma that we and so many other women seeking asylum have to face living under immigration rules in the UK. The roadshow also shows how together we can give each other strength and hope. WAST will showcase an abridged version of the roadshow with songs from some members of their renowned choir.

WAST is made up of women seeking asylum in Greater Manchester, many of us are under threat of deportation and are destitute. We share our experiences, empower and support one another whilst fighting for our rights and raising awareness about the issues that force women to seek international protection and the effects of the injustices experienced through the UK immigration system.
We are women of all ages, nationalities, ethnicities, sexual orientation and disability. We speak many languages, practice many religions and accommodate for all.
The WAST choir go into the community to reach out to people who have never met anyone in the asylum system and think we are given homes and free mobiles and don't know how we suffer and also that we are women just like them, who care about our kids and just want to be safe and free.
In 2015 the Women Asylum Seekers Together WAST choir were recognized for their commitment to the rights of women by the Liberty who awarded them the Liberty Human Rights Arts Award. The WAST choir continue to sing and use their voices to raise awareness of the challenges they and other women face.