I was fortunate enough to go to school, but never live comfortably. I walked several kilometers to school on an empty stomach and sat on the floor trying to gain the best understanding of what I was being taught. Education taught me that dreams were achievable through hard work and that despite the odds I am still obtaining my goals in time. Despite participating in a low quality and broken educational system, I squeezed out everything I could and used my free time to ask questions, and participate in extracurricular activities and clubs.

As a human rights lawyer I share a common concern for the issue of domestic violence against women. Evidence shows that this form of abuse remains very common across the world. By challenging inequality, domestic violence may be reduced. This is why I founded USAWA project, (means Equality in Swahili). In respect of all the challenges, women must face throughout their life; “Usawa” project can be a means of liberating them. Through visual arts, the prejudice and stereotypes on gender will be challenged. USAWA wants to place an emphasis on positive stories of gender equality in order to challenge commonly held perceptions on gender.

About me: I am interested in human rights, politics, public speaking, traveling, writing, reading, cooking and photographs.

Ashura will be involved in the following FiLiA session:
Feminist Art: Access, Activism and Representation     (Saturday Afternoon)

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