Sophie Walker is Leader of the Women's Equality Party, a collaborative, bi-partisan force pushing women's rights to top of the UK political agenda. She has grown the party into a grassroots movement with thousands of members and registered supporters and some 70 branches in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Sophie works with politicians of all parties to progress in areas like ending violence against women, building an equal education system, building a caring economy and ensuring equal workplace rights and protections. 

In 2016 she ran for London Mayor in and gathered a quarter of a million votes. In 2017 she contested Conservative MP and ‘men’s rights activist’ Philip Davies in Shipley, a campaign that helped to halve his majority. 

A former Reuters correspondent of 20 years, Sophie came to politics via disability campaigning and activism,  spurred to action after her daughter Grace was diagnosed with autism and met little support or understanding. Sophie is also an ambassador for the National Autistic Society and for IncludeMEtoo, a national charity supporting disabled children and their families from diverse backgrounds.