Hi, my name is Kara Bird and I am the founder of Practical Woman. I realised after speaking to friends that we often can’t or don't do basic everyday DIY (such as putting together flat packing, hanging pictures, putting up shelves or basic plumbing) and feel lots of us would enjoyand want to attend a carefully thought out workshop where we could all have a go in a safe, friendly, non-judgemental environment. I am an active feminist and believe strongly in the power of sisterhood so have also incorporated an element of passing on to others. As well as equipping each woman attending the workshops, I hope each attendee will pass on the skills to friends and sharing tools, I am also actively creating a mechanism within the project to include a 'pay it forward' element.  This means that every workshops place paid for we will also give a place on a workshop to a vulnerable woman for free. I am currently connecting with Islington council and charities to enable this.  

I have worked in the community since graduating from law school in 2005. I have experience of working with people affected by cancer, women coming to the UK from other countries as asylum seekers and refugees, young carers and people with a long-term mental health diagnosis.I am a member of the WE party and work to support increasing equality in all aspects of society. I work for Stonewall when I am not working on Practical Woman.


Kara will be involved in the following FiLiA session:
Practical Woman (Sunday afternoon)