Angelina Lesniewski is a creative writing PhD student at the University of Kent, currently researching women of the Russian revolutionary movement (1880-1917) for her novel Do Unto Others. She earned a BA in creative writing and minor in history from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in 2011 and an MA in English literature from Newcastle University in 2013. Her fiction was shortlisted in the Save As: Rebellion competition and her research is showcased on The Firebirds Blog.

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Unanimous in Our Enthusiasms: Female Friendship in the Russian Revolutionary Movement

For all the emphasis on comradery through the Russian revolutionary period, little work has been done on the role of sisterhood. Women’s participation cannot be understated. Although sisters, mothers, and daughters often joined up together, disparate women often regard their female comrades as closer than family. Friends acted as nurses, confidantes, alibis, and everything in between. This presentation explores how female friendships operated in the male dominated society of Russian revolutionaries, including a brief reading from my novel influenced particularly by these women. I argue that these friendships were vital to their survival and their success, as well as the power of their movement.

Angelina will be involved in the following FiLiA session:
Revolutionary Women            (Saturday Morning)