Born in Rabat in 1975, Ibtissame Lachgar - aka Betty - is a feminist activist.  After graduating high school , she studied in Paris. daughter of a human rights activist andunionist, she followed her father's footsteps.  She studied clinical psychology and psychopathology, and specialized in criminology and victimology. Thus, her profession goes hand in hand with her personal commitment.

In France, Betty was involved in several struggles ; the first one begun in 1994 for the LGBT rights, then for women’s rights, migrants and against the rise of the Alt right.
In 2009, she co-founded the M.A.L.I. - Alternative Movement for Individual Liberties - of which she is the spokeswoman. MALI stands for : What do I have different?

M.A.L.I. is a movement of civil disobedience, which is universalist, feminist and secular. The movement actually fights for of all individual freedoms. She became well known in 2009 with her first action of protest to fight for liberty of conscience with a picnic during the month of Ramadan. The movement is fighting for sexual and reproductive rights as well.
Betty takes bold and public positions on sensitive and taboo subjects in a conservative society where Islam is a state religion, resulting in intimidations, threats and arrests.

She has also established, in Morocco, in 2012 the IDAHOT (The International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia)