Nadia Plungian is an art historian (PhD) and curator, research fellow at the State Institute of Art History, expert in Soviet art and culture of 1920-1930s and a feminist activist.

After the ‘Feminist Pencil’: Expanding the Horizons and Palette

I will describe the feminist art initiatives that were created by me and the artist Victoria Lomasko after our first large exhibition project "Feminist pencil" (2011-2013). In this project, we held an open-call among Russian women artists and organized an exhibition of social graphics. "Feminist pencil" was vandalized and actively criticized by the Moscow left movement and the Russian contemporary art community. In the following years, we shifted our focus from the Moscow area, engaging in the Post-Soviet field and international projects. I will speak about the collective exhibition Post-Soviet Cassandras (Berlin, 2015) and the last projects by Victoria Lomasko, which are partially reflected in her books of graphic reports "Other Russians", recently published in English (2017)

Nadia will be involved in the following FiLiA session:
Revolutionary Women            (Saturday Morning)