Carmen Alemán is a feminist visual artist, living in London, UK. 

 Her main area of interest and the focus of her work is "Women: their stories"). This refers to the position and expression of women, both socially and politically, from identity, power and sexuality to their fight for freedom and equality and ultimately to hear their voices.

 Her current project is an exploration of violence against women and the importance of breaking the silence. It is an ongoing body of work that explores the themes of power, domination, gender inequality, the body (or its absence), and ultimately, femicide, as the last extreme step of gender-violence.

 Carmen Alemán currently works as a lecturer in photography at the University of East London and is in the process of studying for a Professional Doctorate in Fine Art. 

Within the session, Alemán would be sharing her current research on the topic of violence against women as well as discussing the importance of feminist art as a tool for social change and the importance of finding creative strategies to get access in the art world, such as forming collaborations. 

Carmen will be involved in the following FiLiA session:
Feminist Art: Access, Activism and Representation     (Saturday Afternoon)

“Watermarks”. Short film (still detail) June, 2017 @ Carmen Alemán