Pragna Patel is Founder and Director of the Southall Black Sisters and Women Against Fundamentalism. SBS is, a multi-award-winning women’s organisation founded in 1979 to address the needs of black and minority women experiencing gender violence. It successfully campaigned for the release of Kiranjit Ahluwalia, a landmark case in which an Asian woman was convicted of the murder of her violent husband. The case reformed homicide law, creating greater awareness within and outside minority communities. Pragna is also a co-founder of Women Against Fundamentalism. She has also written extensively on race, gender and religion, including ‘Citizenship: Whose Rights?’, ‘Faith in the State? Asian Women’s Struggles for Human Rights in the UK’, and ‘Shrinking Secular Spaces: Asian Women at the Intersect of Race, Religion and Gender’. She was listed in The Guardian’s Top 100 women: activists and campaigners.

Pragna has been centrally involved in some of SBS’ most important cases and campaigns around domestic violence, immigration and religious fundamentalism. She has also written extensively on race, gender and religion.

Pragna Patel will discuss SBS’ latest legal victory  on gender segregation in the wake of the Court of Appeal landmark judgment on Friday. She will show how religious fundamentalists in the UK are seeking to take control of and regulate female sexuality through the imposition of gender segregation, dress codes and religious family codes and why resistance to these developments is key to the feminist project.

Pragna will be involved in the following FiLiA sessions:
Sex and the Citadel: Gender, Sexuality and Religious Fundamentalism           (Sunday morning)
Getting Justice for Women When Men Are Violent To Them                       (Saturday morning)