Lisa Avalos is a law professor who focuses her work on women's human rights, gender-based violence, and sexual violence. She works with international nongovernmental organizations to develop policy solutions that address persistent human rights violations such as rape, child marriage, forced marriage, and honor-based violence.   She has written extensively about disbelieved rape complainants who are prosecuted for false reporting, arguing that many women prosecuted in this way are genuine victims of rape.  Her articles include Prosecuting Rape Victims While Rapists Run Free, and Policing Rape Complainants:  When Reporting Rape Becomes a Crime.  Her new article, Helping Rapists Win, will be published in March 2018 in the Brooklyn Law Review.  She is also working on a book.

Lisa will be involved in the following FiLiA session:
Getting Justice For Women When Men Are Violent To Them (Saturday morning)