Lords of Poverty; Plight of African Women in Prostitution in Europe

Salome Mbuguaborn in Kenya, has founded two human rights organisations in Ireland (Wezesha Dada and Akidwa) and currently serves as chair of European Network of Migrant Women(ENOMW). She has over 25 years of experience in grass root mobilization, political advocacy for women/human rights, policy development and feminist research.  She has initiated, led and succeeded with two public campaigns in Ireland - against Female Genital Mutilation and Against Deportation of Irish Born Citizens- and has done research and documented stories of asylum seeking and refugee women, gender based violence in conflict, trauma and mental health, racism and inequality.  She works in Ireland, Europe and Africa, where her organistion runs programmes aimed at empowering women & children affected by conflict, violence and poverty.

Salome will be involved in the following FiLiA session:
Sexual Exploitation: where Misogyny and Racism meet          (Saturday Afternoon)


I will speak about the situation of extreme poverty and lack of opportunities for African women as contributing factors to their exploitation in the sex trade; how moving to Europe in hope for better life turns into a more disempowering situation, the cycle of violence and exploitation; the particularly grave situation of West African women increasingly subjected to organized trans-national sex trade; about how African women are sexually harassed and pushed into prostitution throughout their asylum application process. I will also explain about the lasting traumatic consequences all this has on their mental health and well-being.;