Dr Sasha Rakoff set up the campaigning organisation Object some 15 years ago to challenge the objectification of women, with phenomenal success - ending the licensing of strip clubs as ‘leisure venues’, getting the laws on prostitution changed and bringing the objectification of women well and truly into the spotlight.  

In 2016 Sasha set up Not Buying It, to continue the challenge. Not Buying It is again taking action against strip joints - with the added ammunition that councils may be breaching their legally binding equality duties when granting them licenses. 

We have also unearthed the fact that media regulators are similarly bound by equality law. We have already got a leading human rights solicitor to write to advertising regulator, the ASA, explaining that allowing sex ads in newspapers (a main way by which men access prostitution) is a breach of these equality duties. 

Press regulator, IPSO, which oversees a veritable cesspit of press sexism - and racism, is also bound by equality law. Page 3, The Sport, The Star, The Sun, The Daily Mail  … we’re coming for you! 

Sasha will be involved in the following FiLiA session:
LA LA Land       (Saturday Morning)