Claire Heuchan, a Black radical feminist from Scotland, is the award winning blogger Sister Outrider. In addition to winning the Best Blog category for the 2016 Write to End Violence Against Women Awards and being shortlisted for the Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize, Sister Outrider is accessed around the world and has been translated into French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. Her writing explores themes of race in the feminist movement, ongoing tensions between sex and gender, and intersectional feminism.

Claire is a PhD candidate at the University of Stirling, where she obtained her MLitt in Gender Studies and is presently researching Black women’s use of digital media in feminist activism. The central focus of her work as an activist is Black feminist theory, activism, and writing.

Claire volunteers at Glasgow Women’s Library and is a proud member of their organisational team for Collect:If, a networking group by and for creative women of colour in Scotland. In addition, Claire facilitates workshops on subjects including feminism, intersectionality, blogging, and lesbian culture.

In addition to blogging as Sister Outrider, Claire is a freelance writer. She has contributed essays to the feminist anthology Nasty Women, A Room of Our Own, and a growing range of academic texts. Claire has been published by platforms such as the Guardian, Heat Street, Media Diversified, and Feminist Current. Her writing has resulted in Claire being invited to speak at conferences and symposiums around the UK.

Interracial Solidarity in the Feminist Movement

"The feminist movement has the potential to change the world by liberating women and girls from oppression. It contains countless women and, with them, countless possibilities. Among those possibilities is the potential for interracial solidarity between women. Highlighting ways for women to use difference as a creative force in our lives and politics, Claire will discuss practical methods of unpicking racism within feminist spaces and offer a radical vision of sisterhood." 

Claire will be involved in the following FiLiA session:
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